Faster Resolution

With less back and forth on information gathering, your help desk and end users are both more productive!

Information You Need

Screenshots, logs, environment variables, system state, and more are automatically gathered on ticket creation.

Interfaces With Your Helpdesk

SpeedTicket interfaces with almost any ticketing system. If you don’t have one we can help with that too!

No More Hallway Helpdesk!

By pressing a single key, end users can submit a ticket, reducing the number of ‘hallway help desk tickets’

A Better Help Desk Experience – For End Users & Help Desk Analysts

Getting all the information to troubleshoot an IT issue can be painful, both for end users and the help desk. SpeedTicket allows your end users to press a single button and automatically gather log files, environment information, screenshots, and files that the help desk needs to troubleshoot an issue. This helps users submit quality tickets, and reduces the time to resolution.